Kaoru Kawano Woodblock Print "Dancing Figure (Kamuro)"

A young girl, dressed in her striking red kimono, is captured mid-twirl in Kawano’s Dancing Figure woodblock print.  Kawano was noted for his highly textured abstract representations of children, birds and plants.  In many of his prints, he used the patterns from the woodgrain of his carved blocks as a key element for both the background and body of his subjects, providing depth and texture to his designs.  

Kaoru Kawano worked with woodblock, silkscreen and other printing techniques. He was a prolific exhibitor in Japan, and participated in many international competitions and solo exhibitions as well. Unlike many of the more traditional woodcut designers, Kawano carved the blocks and printed his own impressions.

Circa:  1960s

Medium:​ Woodblock Print

Materials:  Ink, Mica, Paper

Origin:  Japan

Artist:  Kaoru Kawano (1916 – 1965)

Condition:  Excellent

Dimensions:  20" h x 14"w 

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