Dan Reisinger Color Lithograph "Shalom"

A welcoming open hand spells out the word “Shalom” in Hebrew and English.  Shalom means peace and is the first word Israelis speak with greeting each other and the last word when saying goodbye.  

Reisinger was born in Kanjiza, Yugoslavia, to a family of craftsmen who decorated buildings throughout the Balkans.  He was hidden by Serbian families during the Nazi occupation. Most of his family, including his father, did not survive the Holocaust.  In 1949, he immigrated to Israel with his mother and stepfather.

Reisinger is largely noted for his graphic design work as well as the creation of over three hundred posters, including this bold and heartfelt work of art.

Circa: 1969

Medium:​ Color Lithograph

Materials:​ Ink, Paper  

Origin:  Israel

Artist:  Dan Reisinger

Condition:  Very Good Vintage Condition

Size:​ 17x21

Collections: Artwork

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