Bjorn Wiinblad Lithograph Print "Syd"

Whimsical lithograph designed by Bjorn Wiinblad featuring a colorfully-clad woman holding a small monkey.    

Bjørn Wiinblad was a Danish painter, designed and artist in ceramics, silver, bronze, textiles and graphics.  Wiinblad's works typically include whimsical round-faced people, dressed in vaguely 19th-century costume. They are often surrounded by natural elements: twining vines, floral wreaths, and fantastical trees.  Wiinblad illustrated the work of his fellow Dane, Hans Christian Andersen, when he took on the task of providing the artwork for "The Swineherd."  Museums the world over have Wiinblad's work in their collections., including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Stockholm’s National Museum. 


Medium:Vintage Print, Signed in Plate

Materials:  Ink, Paper

Origin:  Denmark

Artist:Bjørn Wiinblad (1918-2006)

Condition:  Very Good Vintage Condition

Dimensions:  20x25 inches